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LKY Yoga Teacher Training

LKY Yoga Teacher Training School promises to expand your view of the world and your Self, to allow you to practice and teach yoga as a holistic science, increase your joy, capacity, creativity, freedom and self-awareness, and further develop your capacity to apply the principles of Yoga.
LKY Yoga Teacher Training School is a Yoga Educational Faculty set up to allow Yoga Practitioners & Yoga Teachers to evolve and develop into their greatest potential Selves. It allows all members to the community to connect & reflect and feel a sense of belonging.

All courses and workshops have a strong emphasis on yogic philosophy & theory and on building the foundations of practice to then allow each individual to develop their own authentic practice & style. All courses are Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited. Every lineage & style of yoga are accepted and embraced (within reason; there has been no goat or beer yoga so far) and the RYT200 training, and some others, have specialist senior teachers running masterclasses.

LKY Yoga School prides itself on the quality of the students it attracts; it has a friendly yet professional approach and uses diverse and forward-thinking ways of developing the yoga practitioner as a person and a teacher. We promise you a transformative personal journey. Every training gives the trainees what they need at the right time.

Louisa prides herself on the quality and calibre of her graduates. Becoming a yoga teacher is a life transformation and a difficult and personal process so Louisa is on hand at every step of the way to provide her graduates and trainees with help, support and guidance. Louisa is approachable and accessible to all the needs of her students, trainees and graduates.

LKY now offers a 300hr YAP accredited course, which can be taken over a period of 2 years in various modules to allow the trainee to specialise in what inspires them most and to be able to fit the trainings around their family & working life. This ensures that we do not just churn out masses of 'generic' advanced yoga teachers. These modules can also be taken as ‘stand-alone’ courses, which are all Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited. Each LKY graduate will be able to share what yoga is to them in their own authentic style, without losing the 'real' essence of yoga along the way.

Courses offered will be RYT200, 300hrs, Childrens Yoga, Teen Yoga, Yoga & Ayurveda, Yogic Mythology & Moonology, 100hrs Advanced Yoga (includes Tantra), Yoga for Mental Health & Trauma, Yin Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga (includes mum & baby yoga), Seasonal Yoga, Theming & Workshops.

Yoga Alliance Professionals Accredited Teacher Training Courses

RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training (22 day course if attending in person) (available online by 27th Jul 2020)

300hrs YTT – Offered in modular form so that trainees can choose what to specialise and can manage the course around their families and jobs, and must be completed within 2 years. See below for modules.

Childrens Yoga Teacher Training, 40 hrs (available online from 19th June 2020)

Teen Yoga Teacher Training, 40 hrs (online from 25th June 2020)

Yoga & Ayurveda (30 hrs)

Yogic Mythology & Moonology (30hrs)

100 hrs Advanced Yoga Module (yogic philosophy & theory with practice - includes Tantra Module) – This course is compulsory if taking the 300hr course!

Yoga for Mental Health & Trauma (including chronic pain) (30 hrs)

Yin Yoga Training (50 hrs) - this is a stand-alone module or can be taken as part of the 300hr (note that to be a yin yoga teacher you must have first completed a 200hr training or similar)

Pregnancy Yoga Training (& mum & baby yoga) (50 hrs) – this is a stand-alone module or can be taken as part of the 300hr (note that to be a pregnancy yoga teacher you must have first completed a 200hr training or similar)

Seasonal Yoga, Theming & Workshops (20 hrs)

To take the RYT200 course in person - £2000 (online £1300)
300 hour course (over 3 years) - £2500 (online £2000)
20 hrs - £400 (online - £200)
30 hrs - £475 (online -£250)
40 hrs - £600 (online -£300
50 hrs - £675 (online - £350)
100 hrs - £800 (online - £550)

PLEASE NOTE that some courses may not be offered online in the future (this is all dependent on Yoga Alliance regulations and COVID 19).

Upon registration as a student of our training course, you consent to your contact details (name, email and phone number) being passed onto our partners, Yoga Alliance Professionals, so they can contact you directly and invite you to register as a Trainee and Teacher and that you understand that you have the option of opting out of this registration process.
LKY sometimes takes photos for promotional purposes. If any client objects to a photo being taken, they must let the teacher know at the beginning of class. Teacher trainees are encouraged to take photographs and videos throughout their training to aid them with personal development and feedback.

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